Exchange/Visiting Program
Exchange/Visiting Program
 INBOUND Exchange/Visiting Program Campus life & Living
Campus Life & Living

The Office of International Affairs (OIA) conducts an orientation to provide you with important information about the university, its academic system, campus facilities, immigration and visa regulations, as well as other vital support services.

This is to ensure you attend the orientation and have sufficient time to adjust to your new home, dormitory, and community here at SeoulTech.


[Academic Transcript]

An English version of your academic transcript will be sent to your home institution via email.
Please inform us if you require an original copy.


 [Insurance : National Health Insurance Service, NHIS]

 International students staying in Korea are automatically registered for the National Health Insurance (mandatory, no separate application required) as of March 1, 2021.

 However, students holding a D-2 visa entering Korea for the first time are registered from the date of their Residence Card(RC), not the date of entry into Korea.

 Upon registration, the NHIS Card and Subscription Guide are sent to your residential address in Korea.

 NHIS bill will be mailed to the residential address you reported to the immigration office.

 You must pay the insurance fee by the 25th of every month.

   - Insurance Fee: KRW 75,490 per month. (As of 2024)

   - To withdraw from the NHIS scheme, please contact the service center.
     * Insurance Benefits: The same benefits as those of Korean citizens.
     * Inquiry: +82-33-811-2000 (Support available in English, Chinese, and Vietnamese)


[Buddy Program : International Student Club, ISC]

 The Office of International Affairs (OIA) offers a buddy program designed to assist international students in adjusting to life in Korea, studying at SeoulTech, and improving their Korean language skills.

 Activities include assistance with course registration, obtaining a registration card, opening a bank account, campus tours, cultural trips, and participation in sports festivals.

 Instagram :  @isc_seoultech


[Cost of Living in Korea]

Living expenses for an average student in Korea are estimated at $500 to $900 per month.

However, these expenses can vary depending on your spending habits and living situation.


[On-Campus Housing]

○ Once you are accepted to SeoulTech, your room will be guaranteed if you select 'Yes' for the dormitory request in your application.

○ SeoulTech guarantees only Sunglim dormitory rooms to inbound students.

○ The Sunglim dormitory rooms do not have kitchens. If you need to cook special meals, such as for religious or vegetarian diets, we highly recommend finding other accommodations off-campus.
○ The dormitory does not provide linens, pillows, or blankets.
○ Please Note: Due to the aging condition of the dormitory buildings, which may include issues like mold and general disrepair, the room conditions might not meet students' expectations.
○ After check-in, you will receive an invoice from the dormitory office. Payment for the dormitory fee is required by visiting the bank on campus. Payments can be made in cash (or transfer) but not by credit card.
○ Facilities
  - In Room: Desk, bookshelf, bed, chair, fan, Internet access.
  - Communal Area: Vending machine, coin-operated washing machine, fitness room, cold and hot water purifier, study room, restaurant, table tennis room, seminar room, cafe.
  - Dormitory Fee: Housing Fee + Meal Plan Fee *subject to change.

      * Housing Fee (As of the Spring semester 2024)



      * Meal plan Fee (As of the Spring semester 2024)



○ Dormitory Room Architectural Plan (Sunglim Dormitory)

  - Female students : Sunglim Women’s Dormitory

    * Double room with no kitchen / 2 female students share a room



  - Male students : Sunglim Men’s Dormitory

    *Triple room with no kitchen / 3 male students share a room

      ※ Triple Room = Room 1(1 student stay at Room 1 + Room 2( 2 students stay at Room 2)




[Off-Campus Housing]

 ※ Off-Campus Housing is guided based on information provided by international students who previously studied at Seoultech.

      This guidance is merely for information purposes, and we inform you that the Off-Campus Housing has no affiliation or agreements with Seoultech whatsoever.

      Therefore, students using Off-Campus Housing should carefully consider their options and make decisions at their own risk.

      Additionally, please be aware that we cannot answer questions regarding Off-Campus Housing.


○ Airbnb
    - Before booking accommodation, please ensure to ask the landlord whether they can provide the following documents required for submitting as proof of residence when applying for a residence card.

    - If the landlord is unable or unwilling to provide these documents, it is advisable to look for other accommodations:

       * Confirmation of Residence form, The landlord’s ID card, Housing contract

    - Aird offers several housing options in other parts of Seoul.

    - "Hoegi" and "Suyu" are the closest areas to SeoulTech.

    - Seoul is very well connected by its subway and bus systems; you can get to SeoulTech from any place in Seoul within an hour using the public transportation system.

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